Thursday, 3 April 2014

Bust The Myth Of Filmmaking.

Here are the 9 most common filmmaking myths busted:

1. The most talented people are the ones that make it.
No they aren’t. The people that make it are the ones that understand the business side. Talented people are regularly elbowed out by their less talented colleagues who simply out-hustle them.
Bust this myth: Get good at self-promotion.

2. Only the best scripts get made.
No they don’t. The scripts that get made are the ones that get financed. Often the financiers finance the wrong script!
Bust this myth: Learn how to get a business plan together, a plan that a financier will find irresistible.

3. You need a lot of money to make a movie.

Actor In The Spotlight: Gbenro Ajibade.

"... I know I am handsome. God really did a great job on me"
The entire massive building containing about 90 rooms was quaking with noise from a thousand and one CD speakers as the boys in their usual character scream about unnecessarily. Carols, the then SUG director of socials (DOS) walked into my room "John, I want you to contest for The Mr. BSU pageant" he said almost pleading.
I was taken aback because

The Creative Superiority Of A Screenwriter Over The Producer and Director.

In my usual quest to build my knowledge through materials online, I came across this article that I found very interesting and empowering, I felt it’s only fair I share it with you.

All artists have an instinctive desire to maintain creative control over their work to guarantee the end product remains as close to their original vision as possible. As screenwriters we know too well the bitter sting of rewrites and changes forced upon our screenplay and the end product can leave us creatively frustrated and unfulfilled. As we know, filmmaking is a collaborate art form, but at times that means your script is creatively hijacked and taken away from you without any recourse.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Actor In The Spotlight: Judith Audu.

"...sexually assaulted? Being married or single makes no difference..."
Nollywood is such a busy industry that several jobs are been shot, worked on in different locations and studios everyday and the daily activity of a professional actor in nollywood is very choking and tasking, so is Judith Audu's. Pinning down this elegant, massively talented but down-to-earth actor to have a chat with me was such a herculean task but trust me, I finally succeeded and she opened up like never before on a wide range of issues, from her journey so far, relationship, sex-for-roles and her plans. Enjoy the excerpts by Edeh John.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Dbanj, Confused or Inconsistent?

Few days ago news had it that Dbanj has launched his brand of gari called " Koko Ijebu Gari" The popular Nigeria Afro pop superstar who joined the campaign for the improvement in the agricultural sector said, the program would boost youth empowerment and alleviate poverty. It’s a commendable venture but I'm sceptical on the "Koko Ijebu Gari" venture as it may yet be another elephant project as we have seen Dbanj launch similar but failed ventures in the past, such as "The Koko Mansion" Koko Mobile" Koko Water" and now "Koko Ijebu Garil"

Well, I wish him the best of luck as we may yet see another stellar business idea slip into oblivion.

A word of advice from Steven Keshi.

Super Eagles of Nigeria head coach has this few words for every youth out there.
“Believe in yourself and believe in what you want to do. When we were younger, we didn’t really know what we wanted to do and thus, we got involved in so many things. But the moment you pick something and you think you can do it, you have to find out if you can do it and if you are convinced, go ahead as long it gives you joy. Moreover, ensure you have passion for it. Of course, on the way, you have people who are going to tell you that you cannot do it and that you are not so smart and that it is too difficult. You will meet a lot of difficulties on the way but be disciplined and continue to fight your way through. Whatever you do, take it to God first and let him show you the way. Talent is not enough, you need hard work”

Artist In The Spotlight: Ekeh Sunny. (Solo)

"...I auditioned for a year and three months without getting any job"
Popularly known as "Solo" by his teaming fans and audiences across Africa as a result of his character in a Telecom company TV commercial.
Ekeh Sunny was born 7th June 1983 in Ebonyi state, a graduate of business administration from Unizik Awka, Anambra state.

For him, the journey into the entertainment industry is a childhood dream and passion. "Well, from when I was little boy I loved acting, I started by acting in my church's drama and kept improving from there" begins Sunny.

Even though he trained as a business administrator in the university, the love for the silver screen kept pulling the soft-spoken Actor cum model away from his primary constituency.
"Even when I was working a 9 to 5 I was still sneaking

Don’t Wear Underwear to Church, so Christ Can “Enter”

I know this story may sound crazy, but sadly, it is true.
Reverend Njohi, a Reverend at Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Kenya, ordered the female members of his congregation to attend church without any form of underwear so that Christ can enter their lives.
He reportedly banned the wearing of undergarments in his church because they are ungodly, and people need to be free in body and spirit to receive Christ.
According to The Kenyan Post, Njohi allegedly warned members that there would be terrible consequences if they attempted to secretly wear bra or pant.

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