Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Why Linda Ikeji's Blog Was Removed.

Nigerian blog queen, Linda Ikeji was accused of copyright infringements by social media analyst Mr Aye Dee.

Mr Aye Dee informed the general public that Google has finally responded to his protest about Linda Ikeji using his content without compensating him or giving recognition to the original author along with other infringing works of other authors.

Linda who yesterday, personally informed her readers of the impending hammer from google, claimed she is under attack from certain individual who are envious of her success in blogging. Unfortunately her blog was removed this afternoon.

Linda’s personal blog has been estimated to make over N120million annually (ads and sponsored posts) and is also listed as Nigeria's number 1 most visited sites on

This is hoping that all issues is resolved and linda's blog is restored as she is indeed a hard-working lady that rather deserves commendation.
For the time being, you can access her via

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