Tuesday, 20 January 2015

15 Things I love About Actors

1. You show up every day for work which you re-enact several times before the director is satisfied. You make no excuses.

2. You love the work wherever and whenever you’re doing it and you don't complain(at least not the producer's ear). You bring your love of acting to the audition room, set, rehearsal and you carry your love of the work into every experience. You relish it.

3. You do everything you can to be prepared. You know your lines. You do your homework. You do it to get out of your own way.

4. You’re generous to yourselves, you look out for the best things for yourself, You give yourselves a break. You manage your expectations.

5. You don't apologize for being you, and you’re willing to applaud yourself even when others raise accusing fingers. You turn limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

10 Common Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

The kidneys take care of the urination process in our bodies by filtering body waste and excess of water. So, one might say they are pretty important. But, despite being such an important component of our body, many of us do not care properly for them and millions of people die each year from kidney disease.
Many of us have habits that can harm our kidneys. Here is a list of some habits to avoid for healthy kidneys:

Drinking inadequate water
The biggest contributor to kidney damage is

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