Sunday, 15 June 2014

Registration for Queen of Aso Nigeria.

Aso Multi-Media, the organisers of the prestigious beauty pageant; Queen Of Aso" has once again called for application from interested ladies ages 16-26 as the registration closes on 20th June 2014.
It would be recalled that the 2013 edition of the pageant was won by her majesty Queen Juliet Gbajie

Short Film: "Not Right" (Trailer)

NOT RIGHT is a short film on Domestic Violence written and produced by
Judith Audu. The story throws light on how deep the domestic violence
menace has eaten deep into our society and emphasizes that women should not
allow themselves to be put through the agony. We have two families in the
film while one's home is filled with love, the other battles on how to live
with her husband that is always battering her. It is a story of how a
concerned couple Tade (Ani Iyoho) and Funmi (Judith Audu) tries helping
their neighbour Kumbi (Omowunmi Dada) who is always been beaten by her
husband, Kola (Philip Festus). Will she listen to what her neighbors are
saying or remain in the marriage in trying to ‘save face’ in the society?

To see the Trailer on YouTube, Click HERE

Or download the 44 seconds trailer HERE

Know more about Judith Audu HERE


Six Routes to Breaking In As a Director.

There are six routes to consider when launching your career as a director. Before you decide which route to take, research the careers of directors you admire and see if you can see which route they followed. Remember that there is no such thing as a route – only a route that is good for you: one that allows you to maximise your abilities and talent.
1. The Independent Route.
Learn how to identify or create a low budget, 60-page script which you feel has something controversial to say. Scrape together some money but you must achieve a high production quality-superb sound and picture quality. Sale to independent marketers and VOD platforms and make a profit for your investors. Repeat this process until you are discovered, or are considered a worthy risk for big money investors.

2. Student/Festival Route.
Make a short film or ultra low budget feature

Entertainers Are Prostitutes to Telecoms Giants

Etcetera writes.

It all started around 2000 AD, just right after the millennium bug had been crushed. A new era had just begun. With it came the beginning of what is known today as corporate prostitution. The telcos had just landed with their base stations with billions of dollars to spend. At a time when Plantashun Boiz ruled the 36 states and the federal capital territory was left for Age Beeka and his angel Angelica. When the Remedies was Hip hop and the hustle was done with pure zeal and auto-tune and Styl-plus were still in their mothers’ wombs. Now just a little more than a decade after, in the year 2014, the telcos and their billions have taken over. The whoring has finally begun. With the telcos unashamedly fighting over entertainers’ right before our very eyes, Saka will easily take home the award for the entertainment prostitute of the year. Having slept with two

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