Saturday, 12 April 2014

Actor In The Spotlight: Beverly Naya.

"I was bullied for most part of my formative years- Beverly Naya"

Armed with an undeniable sex appeal and sheer brilliance on screen, Beverly Naya is one gorgeous actress who has had a blossoming acting career. She clinched the ‘Most Promising Talent’ award at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2010, and‘ Fast Rising Actress’ award at City People’s Awards in 2011 . In this interview, she talks about how she landed her role in M-net produced TV series, Tinsel, her favourite qualities in a man,

Friday, 11 April 2014

Actor In The Spotlight: Ben Okoma

"Filmmakers prefer the old and so-called "selling faces" they are not ready to groom the upcomers"
In an industry open for all-comers, it gets quite discouraging for a professional in that field to forge ahead in pursuing a career in it especially if the industry is as populated and unstructured like the Nigerian movie industry. Ben Okoma is a talented and trained Actor with a BA in theatre arts from the pretigious University of Ibadan. He talked to me about his advent in Nollywood, the challenges and his hopes as an up-coming actor.

Could you tell me about yourself briefly?
Ben Okoma:My name is Ben Okoma. I'm an Actor, Script and Copywriter. I hail from Otukpo in Benue State, a graduate of theatre arts from the University of Ibadan. I have an unreserved passion for acting. Being a Thespian, I have learnt a lot about the craft from the best brains in the profession and I bring that to bear in any role I play on screen.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Buhari, Tinubu And APC Leaders Meeting Turn To War Of Words.

"The foundation for APC was my presidential bid and not for some new boys to come and hijack the machinery" - Buhari to Tinubu.
Earlier today, there was tension in the house of APC. It started with Buhari fuming and hitting hard on Bola Tinubu over

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Making A Low Budget Film: Fit Script to Budget.

So you decide instead of waiting around for somebody to give you lots of money to make your dream script that stars Genevieve, Jim Iyke and Yvonne Nelson, you will instead write a script that can be made for a low budget. Low budget is whatever you believe you can raise and in today’s environment with all the digital tools out there, you can make a film for a very low price.
Let’s assume the extreme in that you have little money available for your film. So here are some tips on fitting a script to a low budget.

Limit the Script to 90 Pages: 90 pages using Courier New, 12 pt fonts equates to roughly a 90 minute film. This is the minimum length for a feature film.

Actor In the Spotlight: Omoye Arewa

"I have been denied script and role before because I would not go to bed with a director"

When passion comes calling, there's nothing we can do to hold it back. It demands much from us that most times we have to muti-task to fulfil that passion. If not, what would you say of an Actor that schools in a city but travels hundreds of kilometres just to develop a career? So is the story of Omoye, a fast rising Actor as she recounts her journey so far in Nollywood. Enjoy

Can we meet you?
AREWA: My name Is Omoye Arewa,an undergraduate of Ekiti State University Studying History And International Relations and in my 300 level.
Am an actress, model, video vixen and a Presenter. I am very passionate when it comes to acting because acting is in me. I started my acting career at the age of seven but later had to drop it because of school.

Tips On How to Schedule a Film Shoot.

If you have an experienced First Assistant Director, they will take care of doing a shoot schedule that will be the most efficient and cost-effective. If you don’t and have never scheduled a film shoot, here are some of the major rules in scheduling a film shoot.

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