Saturday, 3 May 2014

Be A Virgin Again, For Just # 5000. Second-hand Virginity.

I understand that men these days don't really care about the virginity status of a lady before getting involved with her but being a virgin is sure a plus to any lady and I have met some ladies who actually regret loosing it.
There seems to be good news for ladies who have lost their virginity. Your "virginity" can now be restored through artificial kits-second-hand virginity. (hehehe)

The kit is known as artificial hymen repair kit, popularly referred to as "Chinese hymen" or ‘fake hymen"
According to the manufacturer, when the artificial hymen is carefully inserted into the vagina, it expands a little to cover the vagina and immediately make it feel tight. During sex, it will ooze out a liquid that appears like blood-that would make it seem like the woman is still a virgin.
It’s clinically proven to be non-toxic to human, has no side effects and not painful to use and has no allergic reaction.
Shocking enough, this kit sale for just 2000 and 5000 naira, depending on the one you prefer.

Though some countries have banned this product but I'm sure when it finally hit the Nigerian market, it would be a free sale and will be massively patronized by ladies as most Nigerian ladies are already desperate to get hold of it by hitting the company’s website in drove demanding where to buy it in Nigeria.
Virginity is a thing of pride for both a lady and her man but it is an open secret that the majority of ladies are no longer virgins and would do anything to prove to a "New catch" that she is still an untouched.

At the end the "fortunate" man basking in the euphoria of finding a rare gem; an unadulterated and sealed jewel, would hurry and do all it takes to keep the "virgin"
So, ladies "flex" all you want, you can still be a "virgin". I can only imagine the number of relationships and marriages that would be built on deceptive foundation. In the long-run, I foresee massive divorces and consequences of the false foundation-second-hand virginity.


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