Saturday, 3 May 2014

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Superstar By Xplosive BJ

Xplosive BJ is portharcourt based artist who just released his hit single "Superstar" the massive jam is currently dominating the airwave in PHC and most eastern states.
The rapper who started his professional career a couple of years back plans to drop his debut album in no distant time and has urged all his teaming fans to remain supportive as he is set to give them what they want-thrilling their ears with well "cooked" sounds.

Dowwnload the hit track, "superstar' HERE

Be A Virgin Again, For Just # 5000. Second-hand Virginity.

I understand that men these days don't really care about the virginity status of a lady before getting involved with her but being a virgin is sure a plus to any lady and I have met some ladies who actually regret loosing it.
There seems to be good news for ladies who have lost their virginity. Your "virginity" can now be restored through artificial kits-second-hand virginity. (hehehe)

Celebs And Second-hand Husband.

Why do Nigeria female celebrities prefer second-hand husband? Or why would anyone prefer second-hand husband when there are a lot of brand new men out there. Or can we like this to the case of how we often go for second-hand cars when we obviously know the advantages of the brand new cars and cannot afford it?
Come to think of it, is it that our female celebs can no longer afford the luxury of waiting for the brand new husbands to come along? Or has the brand new men refuse to be fooled by the razzmatazz or

Friday, 2 May 2014

Beauty Queen/Actor in The Spotlight: Anita Ochima.

"...You can do it without sleeping with anyone..."-Anita.
Talent and good looks is prevalent in the entertainment industry but it is rare to find artists who can boast of the right attitude and discipline required to soar in the massively competitive industry. Anita Ochima is one talented and conspicuously beautiful model/actress that oozes the attitude that most artists lack. Despite the constraints along her path, she has made an appreciable progress in her career. From emerging as the Top model in the Benue fashion week which is the biggest fashion event in the entire northern Nigeria, she has featured in several movies and she is currently the Face of Indoma carnival which is the largest carnival in the north except the Abuja carnival. After several futile attempts at having a chat with her, the beauty queen finally granted me audience despite her busy schedule and she talked on a lot of things that you would definitely want to find out. Enjoy.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Naija Babes: Love, Sex And Money; What You Must Know. (All Tribes)

I found this hilarious article on the internet, i couldn't help but share with you all!
WARNING! This may offend some persons.

IGBO GIRLS: There must be plenty money, and less or no s*x. She abandons you immediately a rich suitor comes calling. Importer & Exporter Thinz!
EDO GIRLS: Will love and take care of you with her money, hoping one day you will travel overseas and be rich. After 2 years, and no plan is forth coming, she will dump your sorry ass. Oh, I forgot…..lots of s*x will be involved.

YORUBA GIRLS:: They love with their body,

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