Sunday, 30 November 2014

Actor In The Spotlight: CELINA IDEH.

"...I have stood on the cue under intense sun for hours just to audition..."-CELINA
With jollof beauty and warmth that can be felt where ever she is, an impeccable diction and melodious voice that could keep you glued to the radio; this Calabar-born actress is destined for greatness in the make-believe world. Armed with a degree in software Engineering, one would wonder why such a technical head decided to tow the core-arts world but the good news is, Celina knows what she is capable of, what she wants and she is sure on the path to stardom in no distant time considering her talent, looks, diction and attitude which I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any filmmaker. Enjoy my chat with her.

I was born and raised in beautiful Calabar, where I had so many childhood adventures and laughed every day.

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