Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Fab Look. #FashionCorner

Today on accessorizing an outfit, we shall start with shoes. I once read that "shoes are the perfect barometer of elegance" Shoes don't have to be expensive for you to look good, all that is expected is they look good on you by complementing your legs, proportionate to your body and are comfortable. If your shoes fit the above then it’s a YES to wear.
Here are tips for the gentlemen that are stylish. (To be sincere I think guys get there dressing right than ladies)
For Casuals: A simple T-shirt and shorts or a button-up short or long sleeves will work on a boat

Actor In The Spotlight: HEKKA HEDET

"...I'm every inch a woman...there would be advances anywhere I find myself...directors and producers are human with flesh and blood..."-Hekka
Obviously one of the most talented budding stars in Nollywood. The Akwa Ibom born Banker turned actor is a massive talent that will definitely go places given her determination and skills. With such curves that would make a gay brother reconsider, Hekka never let's those invaluable assets gets into her head with her morals being her guiding principle. Enjoy my chat with her.
HEKKA: My name is Hekka Hedet. I am from Akwa ibom state, uruan local government. I hold a P.G D in international relations and strategic studies LASU, I am an actress.

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