Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Chinyere Dazzles in Sweety My Love Movie

Multi talented Nollywood actress Chinyere Okparaji dazzles in new movie ‘Sweety My Love by Hub Entertainment. This multi talented Imo state born actress has proven that she can play any role no matter how challenging going by her performance in the movie Sweety My love. She played as a South African returnee looking for her father.

I'm So Gone.

Stumbling home drunk
Getting myself lost
I'm so gone

Nollywood Actress Chinyere Vows to Bring Back Ibo Threaded Hair into Fashion

Nollywood Actress Chinyere Okparaji promotes Igbo culture with her newly found dress code and hair plaits. Chinyere is a very focused person and she says that everything she does is driven by the promotion of Igbo language and culture. Her two year old Obigbo project has finally been launched as Obigbo Foundation an Igbo socio cultural organization also referred to as Center for Promotion and Preservation of Igbo Language and Heritage.

Chinyere Okparaji Officially Unveils Obigbo Foundation

Obigbo Foundation aka Center for Promotion and Preservation of Igbo Language and Heritage was officially unveiled on the 17th of June 2017 at Sam Mbakwe hall of Imo Concorde Hotel Owerri Imo State by Eze Imo HRM Eze Sam Agunwa Ohiri who chaired the occasion.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


She stood, magnificent like the most high,
Her beauty would make the angels weep and cover their face in shame.
Her nightingale-ed voice serenade the auditorium and resonated like the trumpet ushering the rapture.

The praise and worship must be heavenly but her well crafted steps and hips swinging is the only heaven I could think of...
Every inch of her being screamed at me "I'm your next mistake, your nightmare costumed in a daydream".

But, unknown to her, the devil goes to church too.
We all are; but in self-righteousness, we advance reasons and carnal-lity blossoms in His house.

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