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Actor In The Spotlight: MARY JOHN

"My Butts commands attention..."-MARY.
Mary is obviously one of the budding stars in Nollywood. The massively talented and well-endowed actress is considered as Nollywood's action babe as she delivers superbly in such roles and beyond. The gorgeous Otuoke-born role interpreter recently celebrated her birthday and Vizavi Media caught up with her as she gives us a glimpse into her life and career. Enjoy the excerpts.

About Me.
MARY JOHN: My name is Mary John, I'm an actress from Otuoke in Bayelsa state. I have a diploma in film making, though I'm still furthering. Studies. I'm a Christian, I have a large family of nine which I'm the second to the last child, I love been myself at all times.

How I Started.
MARY JOHN: I have always loved acting ever since I knew I was a girl(laughs), and its not been easy so far. I started a year ago after my diploma in film making; ever since then God has been faithful.

Jobs I have done.
MARY JOHN: I have featured in several movies, Ghetto Mama, White Mambers, Black Demon, White Mambas, University Mafias, Primitive, a lot I can't remember right now.
Role I can't wait to play.
MARY JOHN: A classic Porsche working class lady (laughs). Really, I just want that role that would take me off my comfort zone, a role that would challenge the hell out of my wits.

My strong point (selling point) as an actor.
MARY JOHN: well, well, I think my physique is very precious to me. May be my curves, yea, let me not mention my butt commands attention. My voice is unique and all these go along way in determining the roles I get.

Most embarrassing moment on set.
MARY JOHN: wow! I think that would be the day I went to a location for the first time and everyone was like "oh mehn! see that babe's ass". It was really embarrassing but am cool with it now.
That special man in my life.
MARY JOHN: It's private, please.

You are not proud of him?
MARY JOHN: I'm very proud of him but... John, Please let's not talk about him. Hie s a private person.

Actor I look forward to working with.
MARY JOHN: Yea! I have a lot of names I would like to work with. Both the old and young actors but I rather progress and see which works out.

Mary, in the next five years.
MARY JOHN: Wow, Mary John would be known for her delivery in good movies, not Just the ones she's featured in but also the ones she would produce. In the next five years, I see myself as a wive, a mother and the one my fans would be very proud of. I see myself taking Nollywood to the next level by the grace of God.

What I'm working on right now.
MARY JOHN: I'm working on a lot of projects right now. I'm currently on a production that would stun you. Fingers crossed.
Turnoff in people.
MARY JOHN: I dislike fake people, impostors. There's no crime in been yourself at all times. I also dislike people that don't honor their words. No matter how bad it is people should know you for your words.

Advice to fellow actors.
MARY JOHN: Be yourself, do all you can and if you are good, it would pay off some day. No point been in a rush, it's better you crawl to your destination than to jump in and jump out because your good work would speak for you. Thank you so much.

Contact Mary via:
Email: mjbinluv2014@gmail.com
Facebook: Mary Johnson

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