Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Actor In The Spotlight: MARY JOHN

"My Butts commands attention..."-MARY.
Mary is obviously one of the budding stars in Nollywood. The massively talented and well-endowed actress is considered as Nollywood's action babe as she delivers superbly in such roles and beyond. The gorgeous Otuoke-born role interpreter recently celebrated her birthday and Vizavi Media caught up with her as she gives us a glimpse into her life and career. Enjoy the excerpts.

About Me.
MARY JOHN: My name is Mary John, I'm an actress from Otuoke in Bayelsa state. I have a diploma in film making,

ATERRE Drops 'From the Heart'

Having set the ball rolling for his single album, Aterre of the Wisest family has dropped his official single from the album, Heart to Heart. The single titled, From the Heart is the first track off his 14 tracks album.
From the Heart is a message to haters who try to sit on the progress of others. The question the song tends to ask is that how does one know who his/her enemies are when both love and hate are inexplicably mixed?

Actor In The Spotlight: OSAGIE SOLOMON

"My height and ageless looks gives me the edge"-OSAGIE.
Osagie is a very talented actor and model that has achieved a lot within the few years into Nollywood. Armed with an MSc, Osagie still nurtures that dream of returning to the classroom as a lecturer but for the time being, he remains one talent, multinational corporations are eager to have in their commercial. Here is my chat with the amiable and soft spoken actor/model.

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