Saturday, 10 May 2014

Does Artificial Breast, Buttock or Penis Have a Better Effect on Sex?

The system we live in has gradually over the years come to associate bigness with approval, pleasure and acceptance. The society believes that the bigger the house, or mansion, the elaborate the gatherings, the larger the get-togethers, the massive the events and celebrations the better and this same spirit has crept into our sexual preferences. The sexual preferences of many have led many to seek artificial buttocks, breasts, penis and scrotum.

The need for a bigger breast, larger buttock and bigger penis has driven many couples to making artificial enhancement a do or die affair.
There is no doubt that the centre of a man’s existence is his penis and his penis is related to his sense of power. To most men, penis size is a life contest and competitions. A man with the big penis proudly displays and talks about it while the ones with the small size secretly envy all the days of their lives. The quest to measure up to the other man in terms of bigness is the major reason why many men unguardedly go for artificial penis and scrotum.

Most times, many men worry and wonder if they are ever going to measure up; so they end up with trying out artificial penis and scrotum balloon. It is so bad that many do not like to dress up in the presence of their friends or even venture to get married because there is always that moment of anxiety when they wonder if they would not be mocked or rejected. Quite a number of young adults even resort to masturbation just to see if the practice will at least elongate their penis size. Ironically, this act does not only make such young men to become addictive to masturbation, it further kills the strength and stamina of ejaculation. Perhaps the anxiety begins in boyhood when, all too often, the first unforgettable penis comparison happens with a much bigger one–a father’s or older brothers, or a discussion where attractive women openly state their preferences for well-endowed men. So, at the root of many men’s self-worth is how he feels about the size of his penis and what he thinks about its ability to please his wife.

It is no doubt that a man’s penis is tied to a sense of his virility. But it is very important for us to bear in mind that the average human penis is about eight-plus inches, although some women have failed to remember the size of their husbands’ manhood except for those penises outside the extreme average range. Nonetheless, these wives place more interest on their marital relationship than the size of their husbands’ penises; while higher percentage of ladies both single and married still insists bigger ones are lovely bonuses to the relationship.
From research, the percentages of ladies that prefer bigger penis seem to be 70 per cent against 30 per cent of those ladies who are indifferent. And if this is the case, the struggle for artificial penis and scrotum may not be needful if the less endowed smartly put it to good use. At the end of the whole thing, it is actually the overall performance of the penis that really matters. It is not all about size but technicality. Although there are natural enhancers available that will greatly assist the exceptionally small sized men, care must be taken to make sure a sex therapist is involved.

The breast and buttock of a lady undeniably are sources of sensuality for both admirers and owners alike. As a matter of fact, nobody can deny the beauty of a woman’s breasts and buttocks. These two are as important to her as a man’s penis and prowess. And they seem to drive men, of all ages, wild with fantasy and desire.
Seventy per cent of men from all lifestyles are drawn to an impressive cleavage and big buttock. For many men, large breasts and well-defined bigger hips are indicative of high sex hormone levels. They are considered symbols of good sexual arousal and a good indicator of a solid and secure accommodation for the penis during the stage of vigorous thrusting in and out. They also serve as a steady support for the man while at the pick of ejaculation or orgasm.

This has been the reason majority of men seem to be drawn to a huge butt and bigger breasts like a magnet; and some literarily love to venerate them. But oddly enough, it does not necessarily mean that all big breasts and massive butts are equally responsive even though they may be seductive.
Large breasts or butts are not necessarily the most sensitive and assertive part of some women’s sexuality and sometimes smaller breasts and butts can be explosively seductive, indescribably appealing and tempting.
Because a big butt and breasts have always been objects of desire while most men freely admit to loving and preferring them; many ladies are under undue pressure to artificially make it bigger by all means. One crucial point is that there is nothing as satisfying as a sense of complete self-acceptance as this helps individuals to enhance the beauty of their physical features.


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