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In The Spotlight: Zainab Balogun

"...I'm still single and I have no idea why. Ask the men..."- Zainab.
Zainab Balogun just happens to be one of those people who fill a room with their presence. Born and raised in London, the model turned TV Presenter moved back to Nigeria a few years ago and has been consistently climbing higher and higher in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

She has made her mark locally and internationally having worked on global campaigns in New york and elegantly walked the runway of The New york Fashion Week. She has graced the covers of well-respected magazines like Pride, Spell, True love, Black Hair & Beauty and Eso magazines to just mention a few.
Now a co-host on (DSTV Channel 165) Ebony Life TV’s “The Spot” with Lamide Akintobi and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu was introduced to modeling at the age of 16 so it is no wonder that she is a natural on TV. Zainab Balogun is a Nigerian talent whose physical beauty is matched by her creative mind and her ability to rise to any occasion. Her energy is amazing with her cutting through her own thoughts and words faster and more excited than she could verbalize.
I had a chat with the amicable young lady and it really was fun. Zainab spoke about her experiences being a TV presenter (the good and the bad), the future, her ideal man and so much more.

How did you transition from modeling to being a TV Presenter?
ZB: I had actually started a web series with a friend of mine in London, a weekly entertainment web series, and then we decided to come to Nigeria together and bring that idea here.

Domestic Violence, Not Right? : My Take.

Critique By Edeh Attah.
Not Right is a ten-minute short-film that mirrors domestic violence. Though some may consider the theme over-flogged but it is still very imperative given that the menace is still subsisting in our society.
Judith Audu, a fast rising actress cum producer is one of the women irked by the menace of domestic violence. In her debut effort at film producing, she chose to delve into this topical issue which is still raging in most families though the victims most times endure in silence, reason been that they want to preserve their marriage or are scared of how the society will look at them which I think is wrong hence they must save their lives first, from these silent killers-abusive husbands.

Title: Not Right
Writer: Judith Audu
Director: Uduak Obong Patrick
Lead Actors: Omowunmi Dada. Judith Audu, Ani Iyoho, Phillip Festus.
Studio: Judith Audu Productions (2014).

Out of ‘love’ and her desire to keep her marriage, Kumbi(Omowunmi Dada) is tied down to a relationship where the beast of a husband relentlessly abuses her psychologically and physically. Funmi’s(Judith Audu) attempt to save her from the looming tragedy proves abortive as Kumbi languishes under the mercy of Kola,(Philip Festus) her husband.

Actor In The Spotlight: Jude Orhorha.

"...You have to be in a clique to get the best jobs in Nollywood..."-Jude
In Nollywood, there abound talents and stars clouded in semi-oblivion from the world as a result of certain factors that can be mitigated. Most actors have achieved a lot that they are worthy to be referred as stars and celebrated but certain factors have impeded that. Jude Orhorha is one actor that have "been there and done that" from every parameter he is worthy to be celebrated for his efforts in Nollywood though it is not so as it is supposed. He just celebrated his 7th year marriage anniversary and I caught up with this down-to-earth actor. Enjoy.

Can we meet you?
JUDE ORHORHA: My names are Jude Ufuoma Orhorha. I am an actor, voice-over artist, MC and a Presenter. I have done a lot of jobs in the industry and have traveled abroad to shoot. My first role on TV was in the NTA produced series,

Pitching Essentials For Filmmakers and Screenwriters.

When someone asks you what your screenplay is about, and you tell them, you are verbally pitching your script to them. If they ask you for a written summation – a treatment – you are submitting a written pitch.
The word “pitching” is really a misnomer as it conjures up visions of a snake-oil salesman peddling questionable wares to an unsuspecting public. But if you took pitching out of the film business, the entire industry would collapse. Every movie ever made was made as a result of pitching. And the film industry is a people business, which means that your communication skills are very important.
In the film industry, pitching is the process which you as a writer, director or producer, use in order to impart your passion for your project to others – cast, crew or financiers.

Things You Shouldn't Tell Anyone.

There are some things you shouldn’t tell anyone but yourself and God. It is true what they say: If you don’t want something to be repeated, then don’t tell anybody. Most of us throw discretion to the wind though when we’re in conversation with day-one friends or new acquaintances that we’re fond of. In a perfect world, we’d like for all of the conversation shared between “just us girls” to be kept confidential. A perfect world this is not, and you’d be surprised at just how quick your closest confidant will use the information she knows about you against you. Or just accidentally blab about it to the world. Telling your business to girlfriends despite how new or old the friendship is comes with its risks and exclusiveness is not guaranteed.

Most women think that if you can’t tell your friends your business, then they aren’t really your friends. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anytime I had heavy information that I felt the need to express to a friend in the past, I wish I had thought about how doing so would help or hinder my situation first. Will this friend really contribute to the conversation or are they just listening for the drama of it all? Will they offer support or will they condemn me for my choices? There is a difference between privacy and secrecy, and anytime you disclose private information, well, it is no longer private. You may have been saying a little too much to your girlfriends if you are guilty of sharing the following information too freely.

Especially if you and your spouse plan on working it out, it’s probably best to leave all outside people out of this relationship revelation.

Who is To Blame for the Piracy of 'Half of a Yellow Sun' in Nigeria?

"Half of a Yellow Sun", the most expensive Nigerian film since the emergence of the phenomenal Nollywood is currently being pirated on the streets and on the Internet. It is the tragic fate of this film that was largely financed with a loan from the US$200 million Entertainment Intervention Fund of the Nigerian Creative and Entertainment Industry Stimulation Loan Scheme (NCEILS), run by the Bank of Industry in Nigeria; And the world premiere was in the Special Presentation section at the 38th annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2013. The film also screened at other international film festivals, with both public and private premieres in the UK and Nigeria, with commercial screenings at cinemas in the UK.

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