Sunday, 8 June 2014

Actor In The Spotlight: Bukky Thomas.

"Actors are paid peanuts in Nollywood and this is really annoying-Bukky
With her impeccable diction and excellent interpersonal relations skill, it’s not surprising when you get to know that she is armed with an MBA in Marketing though the mud of Nollywood snatched her away from the cosy offices of the corporate world; Bukky Thomas is one Actor that her craft is unquestionable in the industry. She spoke to me on varied issues including her sordid experience with a faggot of a director on sex-for-roles. Enjoy.

Can we meet you?
BUKKY: My name is Bukky Thomas. I'm an actor and from Lagos state. I hold an MBA marketing and first degree in philosophy & religion from the Lagos state university. I have an amiable personality, kind hearted & a Christian.

How long have you being acting and how is the journey so far?
BUKKY: In & out, its five years but it's been glorious though the hitches of no call backs at times but now it's from glory unto glory. I will say am on my way to the top.

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