Wednesday, 24 April 2019

"I Got Preggy At 16 and had 3 Abortions..." Beautiful HIV Patient Opens Up.

The outspoken author opened recently on facebook with the post below...

"#ImNotAshamed that I am openly living with HIV and now Manic Bipolar.
I got pregnant at 16, had 3 abortions and, luckily, I have an 8 year old daughter.
I have a kidney disease. I'm a rape survior.
I have made a lot of reckless mistakes in my life.
I've also dropped out of matric a number of times, but I ended up aquiring an N3 senior certificate - - which is equivalent to Matric.

#ImNotAshamed that I also lost my womb, and I get called ugly names. I turned my dirty past into pearls of diamonds. I've turned my mess into a message of hope. I am who I am today because of my past.
Word of advice: Never be ashamed of who you are and and where you come from. God has bigger and greater plans for your life.

#ImNotAshamed that some of you are judging me after reading my posts, but all that was not for pity or popularity; it's for your reality...#UbabesweHIV"

Brenda who is a South African celebrated author is pleased to have the world know her "death bed to the world" story and you can place orders for her book via watsapp 0827523917.

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